Resizing and Positioning Elements


Every element on the stage can be resized and re-positioned.

  1. Resizing Element
  2. Positioning Element


Once you select an element resize handles will appear (white boxes) in each corner. By selecting and dragging on of the resize handles the element will get resized.

If you need to resize the element to specific dimensions you can use the “size” option in the elements edit panel (left side).

ImgMCE: #MENgQWAU0 – (800×398) – S


When an element is selected you can just drag the element around the stage to position it. Just like with resizing, if you need to position the element on a specific spot you can use the element edit panel on the left “Layer Settings -> Size” (see image above).

Positioning text layers. Text layers work a little different than other layers. If you click on the text the layer will become editable so you can type your text. This, however, will prevent the positioning/dragging function from working. To drag text layers around you need to select the layer outside of the actual text. There is a 40px. outside margin you can use to drag the text layers around.

ImgMCE: #jv5Mq1yHM – (590×230) – S


Use the (invisible) 40px outside margin to drag text elements.
If you click inside the text layer you can edit the text but not drag the element