Editor Key Press Shortcuts


Note: “Key Shortcuts” is a BETA feature and has only been tested on MAC.

While creating elements the editor has some handy key shortcuts to save you even more time.

Alt+p Start/End element preview.
Command+s Save element.
Command+z Undo.
Alt+z Redo.
Command + +Zoom in.
Command + -Zoom Out.
Command + hShow/Hide selected layer.
Command + dDuplicate selected layer.
Alt + +Move selected layer up.
Alt + -Move selected layer down.
Command + BackspaceRemove selected layer.
Command + Up Arrow Move selected layer up.
Command + Down Arrow Move selected layer down.
Command + Left Arrow Move selected layer left.
Command + Right Arrow Move selected layer right.

Key shortcuts” will NOT work on an empty stage or if no elements have been selected at least once. They become active as soon as you select the first element on the stage.